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How to keep maintenance of Your Ceramic Tiles?

  • March 28, 2021

The ceramic wall tiles are an extremely Hardy material that comprises elements like natural clay, sand, and water. This Natural stone is brought under intense heat and pressure so that it became highly resistant to damage and converted into ceramic Kitchen wall tiles and bathroom wall tiles.

Maintenance of ceramic tiles

Why is it important to clean the ceramic tiles on a regular basis?
● If you have had any kind of spills like alcohol or lime water, then the stain can be permanent, and the tile might lose its colour forever.
● If dust and dirt are getting into the surface all the time, then it might be difficult to remove when you start cleansing it.
● If you want to do cleaning after a long time and you use bleach or any other chemical like ammonia, then there might be an Irreversible stain.
● Not maintaining regularly means that you will have to Scrub very hard and therefore the tiles might lose their texture and get damaged easily.
● Stubborn stains do not go away easily.

So what should you do?

● Whenever there is a spill happens, it is always recommended that you clean immediately using a dry cloth so that there is no stain remaining.
● If possible dust and mop the tile areas so that the dirt does not even get the chance to go inside the cracks.
● Use the ceramic tile cleanser that is only recommended by the manufacturer so that you do not end up bleaching out all the colours of the tiles.
● Use the cleanser with caution and put a few drops on a small patch of tile to see any adverse reaction.

How to clean Exclusive ceramic wall tiles?

If you want to clean your tiles daily without any cleanser, then you can do so with the help of a little bit of lukewarm water and a mild detergent. also, you could use normal vinegar to take off the stubborn stains. maintaining ceramic floor tiles is not rocket science and is a very good option for flooring. therefore you have to put on a little bit of effort, and your ceramic tiles will be as good as new. if you are going to use a chemical for cleaning your floor, do check that it is safe for use and does not damage the ceramic surface.