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Reason to Choose Ceramic Tiles for Your Houses

  • March 28, 2021

The ceramic wall tiles make a cost-effective alternative for natural stone floors. Not only are these tiles cheaper, but they are also available in designs or prints of natural stones such as marble and granite. There are so many reasons to choose exclusive ceramic wall tiles, 8 of those are -

1. Environment Friendly

When you choose ceramic floor tiles, you do a great job for the environment. these tiles are made from clay and sand mainly. a number of manufacturers recycle old products such as glass to produce these tiles. recycling is the need of the hour in the corroding environment of today.

2. Helps Reduce Power Bills

These tiles keep your room cool in summer, offering a sigh of relief on your monthly/annual power bills. in winter, their insulation helps keep your room warmer than outside.

3. Economical

Ceramic tiles are cheaper than natural stone tiles. on average, the cost and installation of ceramic tiles is something between $5 and $20 per square foot.

4. Easy to Clean

No polishing, no coating required! ceramic floors are very easy to clean. they do not demand extensive care as natural stones do. you can bring back their lost shine just by dusting and wiping. even food spills and soap foam cannot damage the shine of these floors - just vacuum and wipe- and spots are gone in an instant!

5. Hygienic

There are no pores on the surface. meaning, there is no place for germs and bacteria to hide. that also means you do not have to waste your energy in cleaning and sealing the pores at frequent intervals.

6. No Scratch

Ceramic tiles don't get scratched. however, you cannot guarantee that for cheap quality products widely available in local markets. that's why, you should always buy your requirements from a trusted shop, brand store, or online store.

7. Low on Maintenance

Unlike natural stone floors, ceramic ones do not ask for frequent maintenance. however, you have an option - sealing. by applying the sealant to your tile, you can prolong its durability. but that's also an option, that is not a must-follow exercise.

8. Can be Repaired

Natural stone tiles have a unique pattern, which they get from the unique composition of the rock, they have been cut from. that's so amazing. however, that also has a downside and that is - once a natural tile is broken, you can never find a tile of exact color and pattern to replace it.but, when a ceramic tile chips or breaks, you can easily find its replacement in the market and online.